Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Beauty Blender dupe

Now I will let you know that I am no expert when it comes to make up. I wish I made a bit more effort with it but the amount of time it takes me to decide on what to wear usually leaves me rushing out and slapping on my make up in the car. When it comes to make up I need ease, which is why I bought this miracle complexion sponge by Real Techniques! (this is beginning to sound like a really rubbish shopping channel commercial!)
I have been looking at the original Beauty Blender but it costs a little over £20. Personally, I would much rather spend that on clothes than a sponge! This Real Techniques sponge cost around £5 in Boots and from watching few YT beauty gurus' reviews, there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two.
I was a bit apprehensive about using a sponge as I have always used brushes but I was really surprised that it actually does make your make up look airbrushed.
There is a little video tutorial on how to use it on the Real Techniques website. I used mine damp and then blot my foundation on, it is sooooo easy to use. I
 wont go in to a 'How I do my makeup' or anything, I'll leave that to the experts. I just wanted share this with anyone who hasn't already heard of the miracle complexion sponge because it really is good.
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 (with flash)



Sunday, 16 February 2014

weekend away // day outfit

I love spending weekends away but I find the whole process a little stressful. I always fear that I haven't packed the right clothes so stuff as many outfit options as I can into my bag (or suitcase depending on how indecisive I'm feeling that day) and it just ends up being a bugger to carry round. So I thought next time I'll wear an outfit during the day that can easily be dressed up for the night. Easy, peasy! all I've done is changed my top and jacket
Now at the age of 18 this probably shouldn't be a concern but if you are a bit of a messy eater, like me, then take extra caution whilst lining your stomach ready for the night a head. Food stains aren't the finest of accessories!
The jacket is from Topshop ages ago, I was probably 13 when I got it! The turtle neck was cheap as chips in the Zara sale for around £8. I've been a bit spend crazy this past month, the rest of the outfit were also some recent buys. details are on the post below



weekend away // night outfit



Kimono- H&M
Bralet- Tophop
Jeans- Zara
Boots- H&M
This is one of outfits that I wore out in London seen in the last post but I didn't include any details. Every thing is a recent buy and the whole outfit only comes to £23!! (excluding my shoes)
This kimono is a new arrival in H&M for £5.99!!! I love it! I've wanted a nice kimono for ages and I've seen some lovely ones in Topshop and UO but I can't bring myself to spend £60 on one. So this is a great basic one.
I was also pleasantly surprised when I found these jeans in the sale for £14 then got to the checkout and they were only £10. Don't you just love when that happens!
You've probably seen loads of these bralet's in the Topshop sale, only £7.
I definitely don't need anymore shoes especially after just buying some new Topshop boots 2 seconds before but I couldn't resist these boots from H&M. Aren't they gorg! They were £30 and are really comfy, I wore them all weekend in London. They're great for me as they are platform and not too high and height isn't something I need much more of at 5'8
This outfit isn't really in keeping with the whole love theme but I hope you've all had lovely valentines weekends!


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Crochet skirt

Jumper- Zara
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
Tapestry Bag-
(Earrings- Primark)
Just a quick post tonight as I was attempting to organise my mound of clothes earlier and came across this crocheted skirt that my Grams made. I have paired it with this cropped corduroy jumper from Zara that I got a couple of weeks ago in the sale for around £10. I looove the quilted detail on the zip pockets! You can probably tell by now that I can't say no to a good ol' sale! I got the spiked platforms at least a year ago, they were in the sale (surprise surprise!) for £20ish I think. I haven't the foggiest idea where the bag is from as i cant find a label.. sorry this isn't the most informative post but I thought the skirt was too pretty not to share.
I've broken up for half term this week, so I should finally have more time to post a little more :-)


Sunday, 9 February 2014


Now the past two weeks have been a bit rubbish, I have spent my time between being ill in bed and trying catching up with coursework, resulting in no time to post anything on here. I was feeling better this weekend and decided last minute to join everyone in visiting our friends who go to
 Uni in London. 
I apologise if I say 'good' a lot in this post but I just had such bloody good weekend!
On Friday night we went out to KoKo and on Saturday we had a wonder round Camden, Covent garden, and the V&A and went to eat at Five Guys. I've heard so many people rave on about their burgers and I'll tell you now, it was so damn good! if I lived in London I'd eat out all the time!
I luckily managed to get a ticket to AMP last minute on Saturday, it was aaaammaazing night!!!! I love, love, love Annie Mac. Her set seemed to whiz by but she was just so good, the DJ's that featured weren't too shabby either.
To conclude I had the best weekend, every time I go to London it just confirms how much I want to move there, I'm fed up of being a country bumpkin! Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures of everyone's outfits over the weekend. I haven't included where anyone's clothes are from but if you want to know then ask and i'll let'cha know