Thursday, 10 July 2014

Festival season!

Crop top - Zara
Crochet shorts - H&M
Maxi skirt - Topshop
Socks - Diesel
Dr Martens

I have decided to do a festival fashion outfit post as last Sunday I was at Wireless festival and it has marked the official start of the summer holidays for me. It was a pretty flipping good way to start my summer off,  Iggy, Pharrell and KANYE!!! The ticket was very very kindly bought for me on my birthday as a surprise from my friends. I don't know how I've never been to Wireless before but it's definitely going to become a tradition. It was such a nice chilled atmosphere.
I liked that there was no camping so it meant that as well as improved hygiene (horrible flashbacks from Leeds last year) everyone was able to make a lot of effort with their outfits. Which meant that I could have a good old nosey and find some outfit inspiration.

This is the outfit that I wore on the day. It's a little goth chic.. I think I must have thought I was going to Coachella instead of Brum! As it was such a dark outfit I tried to add hints colour with rings. I also quickly made some head jewellery out of a broken bracelet. Well.. mums old bracelet. She looked a little confused when I asked her 'how I looked' and she recognised her old bracelet stuck on my forehead!


Monday, 26 May 2014

as if!

 Polo neck- Forever 21
Backpack- Topshop
Shoes- Dr Martens

What is going on with the weather ay? It needs to make its mind because I don't know what to do with myself and apparently neither do the rest of Britain. The other day I drove past an old man parading around his (not so toned and v hairy) naked chest, much to the delight, I am sure, of the woman passing by wrapped in her woolly winter warmers.
I seem to subconsciously dress like I'm about to step onto the set of some 90's show (preferably The Fresh Prince... or Clueless). Just a quick post today because the majority of this outfit is vintage, thrifted or very old so I wont  ramble on about where everything is from .
Happy bank holiday!


Wednesday, 14 May 2014





crop top- Topshop
long sleeve- Ralph Lauren
Shorts- vintage Adidas
Socks- Adidas
Pool slides- Adidas
(excuse my purple bra strap)
Ever since Celine debuted their furry beauties, dubbed the 'furkenstocks', for s/s13, Birkenstock-inspired sandals have been the go to shoe.
 This S/S14 you may have noticed the unlikely revival of the pool slide on high fashion runways. Like the Birkenstock, pool slides have divided the opinion of the world (a bit OTT) but I personally love this sporty member of the sandal family. I love that they are so unexpected and they're so un cool that they're cool. At first they just reminded me of a style most at home on the feet of sports players. But there's something strangely satisfying about wearing them as a fashion statement after the days I suffered as a child when dad would stroll up to the school gates wearing a pair of thick socks and sandals, so embarrassing.
The versions I am wearing are the originals for £15 but with all the hype Adidas have relaunched the look with their Adilette pool slides that are only £19, bargain! Affordable and comfy, you obviously don't have to wear them with socks if you're not into the whole socks and sandals thing but I just have an issue with bare toes.. So many of high fashion and high street stores a have joined the slide revolution from Gucci to Nike
 Anyway to conclude, pool slides are definitely one of my favourite trends to surface from the current 90's craze. You definitely need a whole lot of confidence rock them, people who aren't into/working in fashion will probably be wondering wtf you're on but hey ho.
I've seen so many different ways of styling them from suits to dresses.
Below are a few images


Monday, 28 April 2014

Topshop playsuit


Playsuit - Tosphop
Socks - Primark
Sandals - Primark
Bag- H&M
I don't know if you can tell but recently I've been venturing out of my usual  black attire and experimenting with a little colour. I went shopping today and only tried on 1 black item (or 2 but I didn't buy either so well done me..)
On Saturday I was rummaging through my pile of clothes to sell, which is a stupid move because half the stuff has ended back in my bloody wardrobe. I'm a bit of a hoarder with clothes especially when everything always comes back into fashion. This time the sport luxe trend has allowed this piece to creep its way back on to my clothes rail.
I normally prefer shoes with a little thicker soles but for £8 they were practically a gift from Primark, it would have been rude not to accept. I've always been a lover of socks and sandals, as I have a bit of a sock fetish. Maybe it's just me but I think a good choice of sock can really add an outfit.
Anyway, rambling on about how much I love socks is probably making me sound a lil' freaky so I'll end this here. Night!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Janna and George's day


Corduroy Jacket - Abercrombie & Fitch
Fur collar - from my Gma's old coat.
Polo neck crop top - Topshop
Velour high waisted trousers - M&S
Leather vintage back pack - Ebay
Dr martens
So I've already broken my Weds and Sats rule and these pictures are a bit rushed but I'm excusing myself as Wednesday was my birthday ( I guess St George can share his day with me too) It's also
my brothers birthday the day after mine so I've been busy, busy, busy!
Typical me, I spent the majority of my birthday deciding on what I wanted to do for my birthday. In the end we just drove to Brum and had a meander by the Canal. We stopped at this really nice rustic restaurant/bar named the Pitcher and Piano for some late lunch. It was soooo lovely in there, I don't know how we haven't come across it before. Of course I took a good ol' food Insta (my instagram). I need to stop taking pictures of my meals, I can't remember the last time I managed to eat my food whilst it was still hot!
In the evening I wanted to try something a bit different so settled on Malaysian food, I can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was the nicest food I've had in ages.
So all in all I had a pretty good birthday, food is definitely the way to my heart (rivalling clothes), which painfully reminds me that I've already begun to spending my birthday money, so lots more outfit posts to come!


Saturday, 19 April 2014

H&M white jeans

Bralet - Topshop
Jeans - H&M
I forgot I get hay fever until I stepped into this field.. at least it was easy for me to choose the pictures as half of them were mid-sneeze.
I know white jeans to some are a fashion faux-pas but I'm letting myself off with these as they're a bit more of a statement, whatever that statement is.. These H&M jeans been collecting dust in my wardrobe for at least three years now! I love that they are super high waisted, anything high waisted is a yes from me. Even though they are flared they're really nice and snug on ya bum and what's the point in jeans that don't make you feel like you're J.Lo?!
The bralet is a Topshop sale item. Surprise! It's peplum at the bottom, I've just tucked it up for these pics. I really need to cut it off as I reaaaally dislike anything peplum. You can't see my shoes but they're just black Topshop flatform sandals.

Happy Easter! 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Polo neck - Bay
Skirt - Topshop
Socks -Topshop
JuJu Jellies - Urban Outfitters
Basket - from a vintage fair
How has the weather been! I couldn't miss the opportunity of taking a few snaps in the gorgeous Sunshine. I feel like I've made a bit more effort in this post.. I think it's because I've shaved me legs! I have neglected my poor blog due to my terrible time management skills. It's been bugging me because it's the thing I most enjoy doing so I've set myself the challenge of posting every Wednesday and Saturday.. lets see how that goes.
I think I'm having a 'near end of teens' crisis and have resorted to dressing like a small child. I'm pretty sure I threw out my Jellies and Scrunchies when I was reached the mature age of 9 because I was 'too old' for them and now look at me.. shimmery socks n all!