Monday, 27 July 2015

Zara knitted culottes

Culottes- Zara
Trainers- Nike flyknits 3.0

I think I'm a bit behind on the whole culotte thing but I never seemed to come across any I liked (that weren't a million pounds). I always feel like when I see someone in culottes they look like they've really got their shit together. I am the least together person ever but fake it till ya make it n' all that. These culottes were only £12.99 in the Zara sale. As soon as I see the word sale all intentions of saving money go out the window. £13 is steal though. Plus these are high waisted AND knitted, my two favorite features in a garment. I better start thinking of some excuses for all the other things I bought along with these culottes.. oops


Friday, 10 July 2015

H&M shirt dress

Shirt dress- H&M
Sandals- H&M
Sunglasses- Topshop

This post is a bit of a change from the 5ft 8 toddler look I usual go for. I'm definitely going through the yearly 'I hate absolutely everything in my wardrobe' crisis, I feel like just throwing everything out and starting again. To add fuel to the fire the sales are annoyingly good at the moment, I'm supposed to be saving! Although last week I did cave and buy this shirt dress from H&M in the sale. I love it. It's another really easy and comfortable piece to wear. I think I'll get use out of it all year round and because of how nice the material is, it can be worn casually in the day or more dressed up in the evening.

Anyway, this outfits pretty simple so i'll leave it there for today. Happy Friday! Have a lovely Weekend

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Vintage dungarees

Top- Bay
Dungarees- vintage
Pool slides- Adidas
Sunglasses- Topshop

I'm so happy about the mini heatwave we've had. It's almost made me forget about the fact that I could actually be sunning it up on a beach in Spain, sipping on Mojito's with my mates this week. Instead I'm at home trying to scrape together as many pennies as I can ready for my move to London in September. Oh well it'll be worth it in the end.

Anyway onto the the clothes, My mum bought these vintage corduroy dungarees back for me from a weekend away in Devon. Tell you what, my mum has such a good taste, I would quite happily let her do all my clothes shopping for me. Most of my blog posts probably have something that I've stolen from her wardrobe in them. This top and these Topshop sunnies being two of them. Thanks Ma!


Monday, 29 June 2015

H&M knit skirt

Top - Mexx
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Topshop

I'm looking a little more girly today, I've even got heels on! I'm definitely a high-waist trouser and flat shoes kinda gal but I love this H&M knit skirt. I got it in the sale for £10. It's one of those things that you try on and then put back because you shouldn't be spending any money but then spend whole car journey home in regret. I had to drive back the next day and get it. The top used to be my moms'. I don't think my little boobs have seen so much daylight! They're normally wrapped up in a turtle neck. I think this outfit would have looked great with some lime green socks to match the collar but I couldn't find any.

Anyway, I'm off out to enjoy the sun. How nice is the weather today!


Thursday, 18 June 2015

feelin' grey

Top - H&M
Bottoms - H&M
Trainers - Nike free flykinit 3.0

 I started this blog with the mind set that I was no longer going to keep putting off things that I've wanted to do. Surprise, surprise look what's bloody happened! I can't believe that it's almost been a year since I last posted on my blog. What am I playing at?! I also can't believe it's the middle of June already. I am really not summer wardrobe ready. Although I say 'summer', I wish the weather would make its bloody mind up.

I picked up this matching set at H&M, I'm pretty sure the top was around £12.99 and the trousers were £14.99. I love how effortless matching sets are, especially on days when you just really can't be arsed to style an outfit. This set is particularly comfy, it's kinda got the sports-luxe thing going on. I tried to add a little pop of colour with my nails but that's about as summery as you're gonna get from me today!


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Festival season!

Crop top - Zara
Crochet shorts - H&M
Maxi skirt - Topshop
Socks - Diesel
Dr Martens

I have decided to do a festival fashion outfit post as last Sunday I was at Wireless festival and it has marked the official start of the summer holidays for me. It was a pretty flipping good way to start my summer off,  Iggy, Pharrell and KANYE!!! The ticket was very very kindly bought for me on my birthday as a surprise from my friends. I don't know how I've never been to Wireless before but it's definitely going to become a tradition. It was such a nice chilled atmosphere.
I liked that there was no camping so it meant that as well as improved hygiene (horrible flashbacks from Leeds last year) everyone was able to make a lot of effort with their outfits. Which meant that I could have a good old nosey and find some outfit inspiration.

This is the outfit that I wore on the day. It's a little goth chic.. I think I must have thought I was going to Coachella instead of Brum! As it was such a dark outfit I tried to add hints colour with rings. I also quickly made some head jewellery out of a broken bracelet. Well.. mums old bracelet. She looked a little confused when I asked her 'how I looked' and she recognised her old bracelet stuck on my forehead!


Monday, 26 May 2014

as if!

 Polo neck- Forever 21
Backpack- Topshop
Shoes- Dr Martens

What is going on with the weather ay? It needs to make its mind because I don't know what to do with myself and apparently neither do the rest of Britain. The other day I drove past an old man parading around his (not so toned and v hairy) naked chest, much to the delight, I am sure, of the woman passing by wrapped in her woolly winter warmers.
I seem to subconsciously dress like I'm about to step onto the set of some 90's show (preferably The Fresh Prince... or Clueless). Just a quick post today because the majority of this outfit is vintage, thrifted or very old so I wont  ramble on about where everything is from .
Happy bank holiday!